James Monroe Capital Corp

James Monroe Capital Corporation is a holding company that focuses on acquisitions, start-ups, and real estate. Our Company solicits contracts for stable income which is used as the base to fund its time-sensitive deals. 


Who we are:

*Globally recognized leaders in finance

*Winner of lifetime achievement award in family office work 

*Generated over $5B worth of transactions

*Advisor to startups, funds and family offices

*Worked for 10 family offices and family-owned businesses – 5 of which are billionaire family Offices

* Worked for 4 VC firms plus syndicated deals with other investors

*Sat on over 25 boards and committees Raised funding for early-stage companies from Angels, HNWI, Family Offices

*Helped first time home buyers with finance

*Deep Global Network of investors

We have expanded our footprint and now also advise companies and funds and invest our own capital. With an extensive global network and over 40+ years of collective legal and financial services experience, we are able to develop strategies and solve client issues often not understood by traditional private banks, money managers, lawyers or business development professionals.